A guest for the Queen

After her on-screen time with Mr Bond, the Queen was graced with yet another visit of an English legend during her Jubilee celebrations.

A celebration of Ferrari

A flaming red tribute to a brand that races into our hearts and is racing away with this year’s Formula One Season.

The Samsung Freestyle

We’ve come a long way from those initial eye searing behemoth blocks of projectors. This one will definitely see use in marketing activations blending into the ceiling lights.

Lightfield Labs Hologram

Straight out of science fiction, this is a hologram demo from Lightfield Labs that doesn’t require users to wear any headwear.

DHL Keep Up With the Clicks

DHL’s 2021 advert for e-commerce strikes the right chord at a time when the world is so dependent on the service. Well written and masterfully shot & edited.

Guardian: Three Little Pigs Advert

There’s always more than one side to a story. Which is what all the news outlets will say. The Guardian manages to put this across with a story that is well known.

Ikea Hare Advert

Sometimes a hare raising tale is about what’s not said as much as it is about what is. A lovely ad from Ikea.

Forget your fears & fly again

With countries kick-starting their tourism, here are six fantastic ads from countries and airlines that hope to extinguish the fear of travel in a Covid 19 era.

These are the glasses you were looking for!

Now these are what we think smart glasses should look like! Minimalist yet functional and can take prescription lenses too. Brilliant!

GD Naidu Car Museum

The GD Naidu car museum in Coimbatore walk through. Definitely a visit if vintage cars is your thing. There’s a new exhibit scheduled to open later.