Forget your fears & fly again

With countries kick-starting their tourism, here are six fantastic ads from countries and airlines that hope to extinguish the fear of travel in a Covid 19 era.

These are the glasses you were looking for!

Now these are what we think smart glasses should look like! Minimalist yet functional and can take prescription lenses too. Brilliant!

GD Naidu Car Museum

The GD Naidu car museum in Coimbatore walk through. Definitely a visit if vintage cars is your thing. There’s a new exhibit scheduled to open later.

Bring on the bangles

Making Bangles popular again. How about a high-five for this concept that’s straight out of sci-fi. It has very Samsung themed UI vibes.

Nescafe Advertisement

A lovely ad by Nescafe that proves that not only is coffee personal, you don’t need a celebrity to sell it.

Nadia the virtual chat bot

With voice tech becoming mainstream, celebrity voices will become the next big demand after influencers. Petter Cullen or James Earl Jones anyone?

Kevin is home again.

Nice to see Kevin needn’t be up to his antics with Google at his side. He is surely getting on in his years.

Emirates TVC 2018

While not quite breaking new grounds this Emirates commercial is big budget and shot and edited well. Begins with a Mission Impossible vibe.

Digital Dame Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper was the first lady to suggest that we should be able to code computers using a simple language like English. This lead to the idea of a Compiler – a software for converting software code to machine language.

Digital Dame Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace is the first programmer and is said to have written the first computer algorithm for Charles Babbage’s differential engine back in 1843