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5 ways Amazon India could be even more amazing.

Amazon India has become the retail backbone for organised retail across India during this pandemic. Even delivering daily essentials when local corner shops couldn’t. Here are five ways Amazon could get even better.

Winning with virtual malls

The recent Furniture Centrum website that’s part of the Great Singapore Sale is the first step to a future of full-blown 3D e-commerce. Yet, we are still a far way off. Here’s why.

When AI is Top Gun

This week an AI beat an F-16 pilot in a simulated dogfight. Which makes me wonder whether we are headed for a virtual AI fueled Cold War with real world consequences?

How I fixed the WordPress JSON error – updating failed

A quick fix and a few suggestions to get rid of this error while using the new block editor.

My pick of life saving apps for your pocket

The world has seen its fair share of disasters this last month. If you find yourself at ground zero of a disaster you often only have your wits and phone to work with to get you out of a jam. But what do you need in your arsenal? Here is a curation of apps that may make a life or death difference in the face of calamity of any kind.

Does your CMS give you a sinking feeling?

Your website, like an aircraft carrier is your flagship platform in a sea of digital activities that everyone comes home too. Yet most marketers hate the Content Management Systems (CMS) that drive them. Here’s why.

The rabbit hole of rejuvenating old hardware

When is the right time to rejuvenate your old failing computer? A few thoughts and comparisons of how the process of procuring parts has evolved making it easier to save your old systems.

Celebrating technology in the time of Covid 19

During the Covid-19 crisis I explore tales of how technology can make a terrific difference in achieving the impossible during these challenging times. Whether it is celebrating tech on our desktop at home or tech that we experience when we step out the door, here’s what you need to know.

The UX of politics

Does a website make a difference when it comes to swaying public opinion in politics? Here’s a critique of the 2020 Democratic Digital Websites that examines the UX of politics during a race to the White House.

Loopy UX over the loupe

Removing the loupe in iOS13 has been a colossal mistake for devices with smaller screens. Here’s why I think why.