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Breaking up with the BBC

The new BBC app design is a bit heart-breaking. But is it the right step forward for the trusted news app? I uncover some of the deal breakers and pet peeves.

What’s holding the Metaverse back?

With marketers hoping to carve out a niche in the Metaverse, here’s what might hold them back. I examine if we can build tomorrow’s metaverse with today’s tech.

The UX of a blink

How would you navigate a hands-free AR experience? Why, in the blink of an eye of course!

Amazon’s dirty little UX secret

The largest e-commerce site on this planet, still has its share of Dark UX practices. I break down one common one.

The big digital lie

Why is most of the digital communication you see today no different from traditional media? What is the digital lie agencies perpetrate? Here’s what I think.

A Better Browser for 2022

A New year often heralds a new start. Discover two of the best browsers to boost your productivity and privacy in 2022.

Meta – between the myth and the marketing

Facebook’s latest Meta rebranding is either a marketing master stroke or a lot of smoke and mirrors. I sift through is search for the truth in this tale..

5 ways Amazon India could be even more amazing.

Amazon India has become the retail backbone for organised retail across India during this pandemic. Even delivering daily essentials when local corner shops couldn’t. Here are five ways Amazon could get even better.

Winning with virtual malls

The recent Furniture Centrum website that’s part of the Great Singapore Sale is the first step to a future of full-blown 3D e-commerce. Yet, we are still a far way off. Here’s why.

When AI is Top Gun

This week an AI beat an F-16 pilot in a simulated dogfight. Which makes me wonder whether we are headed for a virtual AI fueled Cold War with real world consequences?