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As you can guess I was born when the Rubik’s cube was all the rage. But what few know is that I was born exactly 13 years to the day the first digital message was transmitted. I find that’s kind of neat considering that my career has been in the digital space.  Technology, computers, and the web have always held a magical sway over me. The first websites that I built can be traced back to the time when Yahoo Geocities was the go-to choice of platform for putting something on the web. The days of Netscape navigator and when Yahoo was your search engine of choice.

My site has evolved over time as WordPress has grown and it always seems that it is due a new coat of paint soon. Within, you will find my musing over technology, all things digital and advertising. Thoughts about the industry I have spent my working life in and how I continue to be excited to unearth new opportunities where technology, computing and web design come together to create engaging digital experiences and stories. Also tucked away are lists of digital resources for creators.

As a digital storyteller, professionally my experience has been as a Digital Creative Director and later taking roles in managing international digital businesses and strategy. My professional experience began as a technical writer, but I soon cast those shackles off to embrace my creative side as a copywriter. There has been no stopping since, growing from copywriter to lead a team as a Creative Director. I have worked with both Indian and international advertising agencies including R K SWAMY BBDO, Proximity BBDO Singapore, Dentsu Singapore. Some of the brands I have had the privilege of working on so far are household names that you may be familiar with.  

Presently I am searching for my next meaning digital role while I support companies on a freelance basis. The journey has lead me to contribute with the Boston Consulting Group’s design studio and more recently with Idea Communications Singapore, a PR startup. Among others.

To know more about my professional background and skills do check out my portfolio and feel free to look me up on Linkedin, Twitter or my dedicated Facebook Page.

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Few of the clients I’ve worked with