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Branding has always been about creating differentiating factors that makes one generic product stand out from another. Giving consumers a reason to choose one brand of toothpaste, or washing powder over another. Countless hours are spent as marketing professionals toil to try to craft a brand image and its associations. Brand makeup is the resulting brew that is applied to everything related to their brand and more. Yet when the moment of truth arrives, how much of this brand imagery is relevant to the end

How to create a Youtube Sensation

The  world’s a stage. Even more so with the advent of YouTube. I recently walked into my neighbourhood music store, a routine cum ritual of mine that is followed almost every alternate weekend. A music CD caught my eye on the newly released track. The début album for a group called the Piano Guys. Now I had never heard of this group, but since I like piano music, I picked it up and flipped it over. The first line on the back of the CD

How to keep it simple in advertising

How to keep things simple in advertising. Make no mistake. Advertising is complicated. I am certain there are those outside our field who think that being part of such a creative industry must be a walk in the park. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In most highly competitive advertising environments, everyone is gunning to be the one who cracks the next big idea. Even if that idea is ‘inspired’, read ripped off from something of old and re-packaged. While you are struggling with

An idea on ideas

Advertising has long been called the idea industry. Everyone under the agency’s roof tries some time or other to come up with the next big

Advertising Boot Camp 2: The Brief

Advertising boot camp 2 the brief View more presentations from Rubik Azariah.