An idea on ideas

Advertising has long been called the idea industry. Everyone under the agency’s roof tries some time or other to come up with the next big idea. The question then, is how does one identify a good idea for a brand? How does the budding copywriter know that he has chanced upon a big idea? Especially when he is surrounded by people who claim to have the next big idea. Well to shed a little light on this I decided to put down a few ideas I had about the same.

A good idea is one that- &nbsp
1. Resonates at the core: While this might sound odd, a great idea that connects with your brand gives you this tingling feeling. Envy is a great judge of good ideas. If you’ve felt that ‘I wish I thought about that, then that’s an idea that will likely give you the jackpot. You know one when you see one (this takes a bit of experience and a lot of bad ideas to start).&nbsp
2. Extends across executions: A good idea can be translated across mediums. It can also be built into a campaign that can lead to several creative renditions&nbsp
3. Connects the dots: At the very basic level, a good idea needs to connect with a deep-set need, want, belief or trait. Being rooted in reality ensures that the idea snowballs into something bigger.&nbsp
4. A good idea is cool: It is shareable, it is likeable, and it’s something you would talk about to friends. Family, etc.&nbsp
5. An idea is born of insight: The first thing that pops into your head is most probably the first thing that pops into a dozen heads. Pen it down and move on. Understand your audience to craft ideas that are especially meaningful to them.&nbsp