Ad Land

Ad Land’s hidden cost of creativity

Advertising often hides the real cost of its creative output. Here’s why its important that creativity is paid its due and a smart way to cut creative costs.

Should your brand brave Clubhouse?

With Clubhouse being all the rage, here are few things to think about before you take the leap and how best to have your voice heard.

The real cost of feedback.

Ever stop to wonder by how much bad feedback is eating away your bottom line? Here are few tips to improve the quality of your work by nurturing better feedback practices.

This packaging is absolutely nuts. That’s just half of it.

This packaging for Hrum & Hrum hazelnuts is just brilliant but that’s just half of what makes this story such a nutcracker.

Turning snapshots into snappy brand opportunities

Product placement in films is almost passé. But Unsplash seeking to revolutionize the stock photography game by offering brand placements could just be brilliant.

Why a pandemic is prime time for your messaging

While most marketers shy away a pandemic is prime time to make a meaningful consumer connect both with your actions and through your messaging. Here are few cases and tips.

When short & sweet falls short

The 15 second advertising format is the go-to format today, but how effective is it really? This week’s YouTube leaderboard is filled with advertising using this format, but how many are truly memorable.

Jailhouse Juggernaut

Can jailhouses provided answers to the talent and cost crunch that Ad Land face? Here’s a few thoughts about a similar Finnish experiment that could be applied to advertising.

Advertising & the allure of agile.

With advertising abuzz with agile techniques, here’s an advertising insider’s take on whether this truly works in reshaping the Ad World and generating more creative work with less time and resources.

Where have all the cowboys gone?

A quick take on what is happening to ageing advertising talent as they struggle to stay relevant and not be undercut by younger talent.