11+ Years Experience

In digital creative, content & strategy

50+ Happy Clients

International & domestic

2 Awards

IDMA & Goa Fest And raring for more!

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Winning with words.

Rubik. The clue is in the name. Colourful with a career twist or two. I balance between delivering big-picture digital strategy, the know-how of managing digital projects across markets and a natural flair for digital creative & content marketing. My 11 years of digital experience spans CRM, content, social, digital brand strategy and UX on brands you’ve probably heard of or use every day.

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Clients I've worked with

I've gathered a variety of experiences across the years covering a wide range of sectors. From turning superlative automobiles into stars to making chemistry fun for kids for a leading chemical company. I have helped lead CRM programs for FMCG brands like P&G and Pedigree and helped produce creative communications for a slew of services from B2B, finance, to fashion brands. I also have added dashes of consulting and PR experience to this mix.

The work

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The Skills

Some of the skills I bring to the table.


Creative Direction

UX & Information Architecture

Strategy & Project Management

    • Microsoft Word80%
    • Photoshop70%
    • HTML60%
    • CSS40%
    • Wordpress80%
    • Adobe XD40%

My Certifcations

A few of the certifications I've acquired.

My Testimonials

What some of my clients & colleagues say

  • Rubik is brilliant at brand design with expertise in digital brand design. His out-of-the-box thinking helped us with innovative new designs for our digital platforms. He is very pleasant to work with and creates an atmosphere of trust which enables healthy exchange of ideas and inputs. He is extremely trustworthy both in terms of quality and timely delivery of projects.
  • The brief time that I worked with Rubik, we got on quite well. He is a thoughtful and engaging writer, and that shows in his communication writings. I've known him to examine carefully all that is presented to him, and he does meticulous research on a subject before he writes for it. The content he creates is therefore rooted firmly in reality, and is authoritative, while also being engaging. He has a very firm grasp of both grammar and vocabulary. He is also a good team player, and well suited to lead a content/creative team in his own right. My best wishes for his career.
  • As one of the founding members of the interactive team at R K SWAMY BBDO Interactive, he has been instrumental in its formation. He contributed with his skills as a copywriter which allowed us to win awards at IDMA and abby. He is highly organised and intelligent with a bend towards management and I can see him becoming a good manager sooner than later.
  • Reliable, hardworking with great project management skills. Even when flooded with work, he hardly misses his deadlines. Rubik is one of the few people I know who gives new digital ideas that stretches the technology team to come up with innovative solutions. He can bring together and work closely with Servicing, Design and Technology teams and thats a rare skill. I had fun working with Rubik, not just discussing strategies and Ideas but also executing campaigns.
    Neeraj Raje - Director
    Trivone Digital Services
  • I had the privilege of working with Rubik and he has always executed at a high standard with enthusiasm and commitment. As a Brand Design Director, he was a true pillar during any new campaigns. His ability to gather information and make strong business decisions was greatly appreciated. You could always count on Rubik for his judgment during the crucial times of a project. While working with him, I was always in respect regarding the creativity and innovation he brings - he has a knack for thinking outside box and turning vision from paper to reality.
  • RUBIK has grabbed hold of our projects, requested what he needs to do the job and delivered copy that truly shines. What surprised me was how quickly he gained the empathy required to understand how we work and the language clients need to be talked to in. Rubik is your man if you need copy that represents your organisation well and successfully.” Thanks for all your support Rubik...Thank you very much.
    Vinayak Worlikar - Sr Manager UI / UX
    Zee Entertainment Enterprise Ltd