Some of the most interesting gadgets out there

Analysing the AI Pin

The AI pin is a device that looks straight out of Star Trek and it was recently picked up by a lot of tech publications. Do we really need one?

The Retro Revolution

There is a retro revolution of gaming handhelds upon us. And there is a whole new generation of consoles on the radar for the year ahead. If you thought mobile gaming killed the handheld market, you’d be surprised by the truth.

The Hachi Cube

A projector that delivers a touchscreen experience on any surface. This opens a whole world of opportunities for creating interactive desk top experiences. Better than the Kinnect kind of experience we had before, surely.

The blind truth

Have we been blind to this growing need for a cheaper Braille solution? A few thoughts and an exciting project that’s underway in the space.

The Plug PC 2

A small wonder that has so much potential to revolutionise computing. While plagued by problems due to its form factor, this product gets the job done when it works.

The Hover Camera

Need something in between a selfie stick and a drone? The hover camera takes out all the nonsense of keeping things aloft. Could this be the next trend to take flight?