20 things that defined 2020

So that we don’t forget the year that was, here are 20 things that we thought about, experienced or did frequently during the year.

  1. We kicked off the year in Australia after an amazing Christmas! We dashed back home in January.
  2. Our hands were never cleaner. Covid-19 ensured we washed our hands umpteen times.
  3. Masking our fears. Never before have so many of us hid behind masks both literal and metaphorical.
  4. Trumpisms trumped the year with an American election unlike any other. With the entire debate of mail-in ballots. And a President refusing to concede.
  5. It was a harder year to freelance but more free time saw more of other things get done.
  6. Doorstep delivery saved the day. We shopped online. A lot. When the stores were shut due to lockdown, we had to venture out foraying for food nearby navigating roadblocks everywhere.
  7. We stepped out rarely. Except for the weekly grocery run which we did on Thursdays instead of Saturdays to beat the crowd.
  8. We grew closer to family afar as we Skyped more often.
  9. We connected with friends more regularly remotely.
  10. We tried to get more fit by being active at home, but largely failed at it.
  11. We tried to fix more stuff by ourselves including gadgets (laptops) and carpentry.
  12. We collected more stuff for our display shelf.
  13. We reworked or paid more attention to our home workspace.
  14. We read and listened to more books – mostly fiction in my case.
  15. We continued studying more online from the IDF and Udemy.
  16. We watched and were engaged by a lot of computer and gadget influencers including the likes of Marques Brownlee, Jayz Two Cents, Linus Tech Tips and the blokes from DP Review.
  17. We saw ad agencies grow smaller as they got merged into each other.
  18. We saw the Black Lives matter movement spark a revolution around the world against Police brutality not just in the US but in Europe too.
  19. We watched how Brexit got done but a trade deal seemed dicey till the last moment.
  20. We saw umpteen screens of ‘Zoom’ and Skype meetings on the news where everyone seemed to take extra care with pruning and preparing their bookshelves behind them.