Brand Logos

A considerable amount of thought goes into designing a logo. It is after all it is THE symbol of a brand’s identity and hopes to convey what the brand stands for. It needs to demarcate the brand from its competition and needs to be easy enough to be used across a variety of medium in numerous sizes. The people of Mumbai really appreciate their brand logos. So much so to the fact that it would not be uncommon for you to come across an automobile that is missing its tell-tale logo. That’s right, people are actually stealing brand logos. These logos then are probably sold on the grey market and it must be quite a business.

There’s an irony here because due to this theft, these automobiles become bereft of a brand. Some automobile manufacturers, notably Mercedes-Benz (whose owners I suspect grew tired of losing their hallmark three point star) have tried to incorporate the brand in other ways. The Avante Garde range of Mercedes vehicles have the three point star in the front grille, making it more difficult for a miscreant to try to pry it off. During my recent visit to Udaipur I got to look at a vintage Ford. That model had the brand logo placed in an enclave behind the main grill. Owners of all other automobiles will have to find solace in the fact that by stealing a brand logo, the ultimate flattery for the owner of that brand. You know people are really envious of you owning it.