Touchy thoughts

I saw an Acer touch screen monitor on sale today at Staples. I’ve seen the HP touch screen computer before but what interested me was that this promises. A cost effective touch screen solution for the common man. It works with Windows 7 and connects to a regular PC or laptop via a VGA or HDMI cable and a USB cable (that enables the touch functionality). The question I had when I set my eyes on it is what would it be like to use this touch screen monitor for Photoshop? Yes I’ve said it before that Apple is launching a touch screen desktop sometime soon since they have filed a patent for the same. But this monitor takes any computer and makes it touch compatible. Could this replace the Cintique display from Waccom. That seems unlikely since the best I can think of is you being able to do finger painting. Doubt if it can handle the details.

As a marketer, having a touch screen available off the shelf means the ability to create more home brewn touch solutions. I can foresee your corner restaurants having interactive touch screen menus that allow them to place their order while they wait for a table. I know of one particular restaurant that would benefit from such a system. Retail stores can have touch screens that act as virtual sales men (but not as intrusive) and throw in augmented reality and the possibilities are endless. Mainstream touch is here to stay.