Race ahead to the stars with VR

Come fly with me

A virtual reality ride with a difference. It was bound to happen eventually. We’ve seen how a roller coaster can be combined with a multimedia extravaganza in theme park rides like the Transformers ride at Sentosa. Now see what happens when you slap on a VR headset on people strapped into an outdoor roller coaster.

Oh Captain my captain

It’s time to take the helm of your own bridge crew with this Star Trek VR experience. Bound to tie in with the new movie release I expect. It is definitely a more sedate yet engrossing co-op play experience that is ideal for a house PS4 party.

Movie magic

Once upon a time there was a craze for bigger and bigger TV screens. Well with VR that pretty much goes out of the picture. The race today is going to be for a lighter and slimmer VR experience. While I’ve never been a fan of watching movies on mobiles, perhaps this Netflix VR video is the way to go.

Swing into action

Who are we kidding? While this is not an official Star Wars game, it’s every aspiring Jedi’s dream.

So scared your head might snap?

Here’s another movie trailer in 360 degrees. They are getting better by the minute. This trailer takes it slow and with an excellent play of light, ensures you focus on what is important. That said if you are looking the wrong way, you might miss a few things that really pop out at you.