The best advertising books

So you want to make a break into advertising or are looking to fine tune your copywriting skills. Here are a few good advertising books in no particular order that will help make you a better advertising person.


Books to sharpen your ideation

  1. The advertising Concept Book Pete Barry
  2. Whack on the side of your head Roger Von Oech
  3. Copywriting Mark Shaw
  4. Cutting Edge Advertising Jim Atchinson
  5. Kiss & Sell Robert Sawyer
  6. 1001 Advertising Tips DuPont
  7. Hey Whipple Squeeze This – Luke Sullivan
  8. Whack on the side of your head – Roger Von Oech

Books on the day to day business side of advertising

  1. Creative strategies Mario Pricken
  2. How to do better creative work

Books by advertising big shots

  1. Ogilvy on Advertising
  2. Hegarty turning intelligence into magic
  3. Hegarty on Creativity
  4. Then they set his head on fire Phil Dussenbury

Other interesting reads

  1. Ad land Mark Tungate
  2. It’s not how good you are it’s how good you want to be Paul Arden
  3. Ads to icons Paul Springer
  4. Advertising is dead long live advertising Tom Himpe
  5. Idea Industry Brett Robbs Deborah Morrisson

Award books

  1. Epica book 26 Creative Communication
  2. D&AD 2013