Potty Power

It is whispered in some halls, it is screamed out in others, the strange power and connection that the loo has with creative ideas. A friend of mine brought this interesting fact to my attention and I decided that it did warrant an article. It is said that the loo serves as a great place of inspiration for ‘clutter breaking’ and potentially award winning ideas. One wonders why this particular room of the abode has a penchant for such creativity.

I spent a few minutes trying to delve deeper into the secret that the lavatory has to offer when it comes to generating ideas. Could it be the peace and calm, the concentrated effort at the task at hand, on the catharsis that one feels? Some people even state that such is the power of inspiration that strikes that the inspired forget to finish their business at hand. So what is the result of this peculiar venue for inspiration – shitty ideas perhaps you ask?

This is definitely a new level of potty training that some of us not so creative types definitely shy away from. Still it must be acknowledged that true creativity can spring from a potty as well. I chanced upon a series of flash games that revolve around a potty – namely potty racers and potty parking which involve portable toilets. There have been numerous creative that have run in men’s common rooms in malls that have stood apart from the clutter. But unless you are tasked with working on a brand like Harpic, this is one sceptical creative who wonders what is the true lure of this so called grail of creativity.

One thought on “Potty Power

  1. Deepti says:

    Very amusing…and then there’s the card game called “loo”. Another link between gaming and toilets perhaps? The investigation continues…

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