I just finished reading these two books from Daniel Suarez. Daemon was a recommended read to me by an ex-colleague of mine, who gave me the book as an audio book. Audio books somehow take more time for me to read and I tend to listen to them at night till I am really sleepy that I dose off. This makes me having to do a bit of back tracking the next day. Such was the case with Daemon that I finally decided to get my hands on the book. The result was so enthralling that I had to read the follow up of Daemon – Freedom, just to see how the story ends.
Daemon is a technological thriller where a person creates this computer program which basically takes over the world, after the person who created it is dead. Without giving much away, this is the looking glass for what would happen to our ‘digital lives’ if suddenly it was hijacked by someone or something. What makes it different from the movie ‘The Net’ is the way this has been pieced together. We are all growing more and more dependent on technology day by day. Take shop keepers for example. Even some of the smallest of shops here in India tally up their bill totals using a calculator. Daemon weaves a murder mystery into something bigger, touching upon a variety of topics including global politics, cutting edge technology a bit of romance and much more. All in all a very nice read.