The Oculus

I first heard about the Oculus Rift from a friend of mine, who had put up a post on Facebook. Now the post had no description about what the Oculus Rift really was, yet being a fellow gamer, I decided to look it up. We’ve all seen virtual reality headsets in movies. Some of the famous ones that come to mind is Keanu Reeves in Johny Mnemonic and Michael Douglas in Disclosure. The Oculus Rift, ties todays hyper-real games to what for the better part is a virtual reality headset to use by plugging it into your PC.

The Oculus Rift is the brainchild of John Carmack from id Software, the creator of the all famed computer game – Doom. As a proof of concept Carmack has introduced the Oculus Rift developer kit that includes the headset and a bundled version of doom. They say seeing is believing, though I haven’t seen it yet, I am quite the believer.

However, this by far is just the beginning. If you think about this and marry this technology to some other existing technology, the results are exciting. For example, what if you could have a wireless Oculus rift and combine it with a Sony Play Station Move controller or the X-Box Kinect. Not only would your perspective be rendered perfectly in virtual reality, so would your gestures. That would really make for an immersive experience.