Analysing the AI Pin

The AI pin is a device that looks straight out of Star Trek and it was recently picked up by a lot of tech publications. Do we really need one?

Breaking up with the BBC

The new BBC app design is a bit heart-breaking. But is it the right step forward for the trusted news app? I uncover some of the deal breakers and pet peeves.


We live in an age where it feels like you are being intimidated to give positive feedback for brand experiences that are not up to the mark. The feedback Mafia won’t make you an offer you can’t resist but they will act as if they could have been a contender for best employee of the year.

What’s holding the Metaverse back?

With marketers hoping to carve out a niche in the Metaverse, here’s what might hold them back. I examine if we can build tomorrow’s metaverse with today’s tech.

A guest for the Queen

After her on-screen time with Mr Bond, the Queen was graced with yet another visit of an English legend during her Jubilee celebrations.

Preventing the next massacre with technology?

Can technology help prevent the next mass shooting in the United States? I think the existing tech is available to do so.

One Pack Wanderers is the breakout Youtube channel travel brands seek

While most of us are wondering whether to take to international travel again, the dynamic duo of One Pack Wanderers has created a travel story that should tempt brands to capitalise on. Here’s why you need to follow this wonderful Youtube channel to satiate your travel needs.

The UX of a blink

How would you navigate a hands-free AR experience? Why, in the blink of an eye of course!

A celebration of Ferrari

A flaming red tribute to a brand that races into our hearts and is racing away with this year’s Formula One Season.

Amazon’s dirty little UX secret

The largest e-commerce site on this planet, still has its share of Dark UX practices. I break down one common one.

The big digital lie

Why is most of the digital communication you see today no different from traditional media? What is the digital lie agencies perpetrate? Here’s what I think.

The Samsung Freestyle

We’ve come a long way from those initial eye searing behemoth blocks of projectors. This one will definitely see use in marketing activations blending into the ceiling lights.

A Better Browser for 2022

A New year often heralds a new start. Discover two of the best browsers to boost your productivity and privacy in 2022.

F1’s sunset showdown & brand debacle

Will the end of a tightly contested F1 season see Mercedes-Benz branding efforts go into overdrive? Here’s why the Mercedes-Benz brand matters whatever the outcome.

Meta – between the myth and the marketing

Facebook’s latest Meta rebranding is either a marketing master stroke or a lot of smoke and mirrors. I sift through is search for the truth in this tale..

The Retro Revolution

There is a retro revolution of gaming handhelds upon us. And there is a whole new generation of consoles on the radar for the year ahead. If you thought mobile gaming killed the handheld market, you’d be surprised by the truth.

Lightfield Labs Hologram

Straight out of science fiction, this is a hologram demo from Lightfield Labs that doesn’t require users to wear any headwear.

Why agencies and brands need to invest in AI like GPT-3 right now

AI is redefining advertising with agencies like Publicis and Wunderman dipping their toes in it. But we are yet to see the full potential of AI like GPT-3 unleashed on the ad world.